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Journée pour ces dames: Le Safran

Each year our region organises an event more specially for our wives. In October we have had an apppointment with Cynfael, The  Safran Prince and the Briau Palace. Cynfael,raise these spice also named Purple Gold, and makes the transformation in about thirty products intended at cooking, healthy, and well-being. The Briau Palace is an important…
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21 octobre 2020 0

Le Poète Ferrailleur

The sunday 12 september, by a spendid sunny day in south Brittany, 28 crews, either 55 persons have discovered a very surprising place in Lisio (56) « Le Poète Ferrailleur » and a beautiful medieval town » Malestroit ». Le Poète Ferrailleur is a imaginary, poetic museum where a lot of useless machines challenge the reason. The better is…
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13 septembre 2020 0


For the first time our region has made the organisation of a track day in the Circuit of Lohéac (35) We were 26 crews and 16 cars on the track : 1 E Type + 2 MK2 + 2 XJS + 11 XK8 and XK5 ; For the most of the people it was he first time …
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28 août 2020 0

Pique-nique : Des Vergers au Parfum

Each year in August our region organises a picnic. These year it was in the south of the Nantes’ area In the morning the appointment was on the Lac de Grand Lieu, a Natural , National Reserve. The lake is recovered by a floating herbarium  where live 270 sorts of birds, 30 sorts of fishes…
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18 août 2020 0

Balade en pays bigouden

Article for the August or September Magazine The time of lockdown is arrived in France. So we have been able to hold the organisation of the forseen weekend in Pays Bigouden the 27 and 28 June. Saturday morning the appointment was at the  Parc Botanique in Combrit / Pont l’ Abbé. It is an exotic and…
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15 juillet 2020 0

Historic Auto 2020

Our region was present for the second edition of the HISTOTIC CAR SHOW in Nantes the 29th Fabruary and 1st March. We have made a presentation though the theme : « GRACE – SPACE – PACE » with a 420 G , an E Type, and a MK2 and some old advertising on our area. About 20000 persons…
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25 mai 2020 0

sortie welcome 2020

Article for the March Magazine Our first 2020 event was :  Welcome in 2020.  The aim of these event is to to find oneself after the feast of Christmas and the new year. 30 crews, either 54 persons + 4 children, are joined up in Vannes for first, the visit of the fortifications of the town,…
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2 février 2020 0

Assemblée Générale 2019

Article for the February Magazine The 08 December we have had our 2019 A.G.M  in the Manoir of La Jahotière  in Abbaretz near Nantes. During these assembly we have resumed our 2019 activities, 12 events with our trip in Irland , and we have presented our forecast program for 2020. These one include 15 events…
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23 décembre 2019 0

Week-end chez des Vainqueurs

Our last meeting was named : «  Weekend chez des Vainqueurs »  Why ? Our first stage was the saturday afternoon : Winners in Sport’s car : the Matra Museum in Romorantin. Matra wins 24h hours of Le Mans in 1972 1973 1974 , and was F1 world champion with J. Stewart in 1971.  All the cars are in the…
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21 octobre 2019 0

Balade automnale en Vendée

Oyster, sardine and tradition were the menu of our journey in Vendée the 22 of September. We have begun in Bouin, most important place for oyster in Vendée. These oyster are fleshy,salt as an oyster must be, and the testing with a glass of Muscadet wine is a very good moment. After a road book…
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22 septembre 2019 0