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Pays de Retz

The matter of our event in January was about Adventures, in February Sport’s cars and in March it was about the History of a little area of our region : Le Pays de Retz, situated along the atlantic coast just in the south of the Loire river. The morning : visit of the Musée de Retz in…
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19 mars 2023 0

Assemblée générale 2022

The 11 of December we have had our A.G.M. These year we had choosen the Château de le Poterie, at La Chapelle sur Erdre near Nantes. We were 79 members, 145 persons. During the meeting we have drawn up the balance -sheet of our 2022 activity (14 events) and the one of our financial result…
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11 décembre 2022 0

Patrimoine de la Vendée – tome 3

The Dicovery of the patrimony of Vendée was our last 2022 event before our A.M.G 22 crews, 40 persons find themselves the sunday morning at Le Logis de la Chabotterie. This is a high place of the war in Vendée during the french revolution, where the Général Charette was arrested putting definitively end of the…
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13 novembre 2022 0

European Tour + voyage en Corrèze

This year our annual trip, from 23rd till 29th September, was in Perigord for join the Europeen Tour during 3 days and in Corrèze for complete during also 3 days. In Perigord our hotel was the hotel Laborderie in Tamnies near Sarlat. During the 3 days we travel through the Vezère Valley . Lascaux with a…
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23 septembre 2022 0

Bang Bang Festival Château Le Brossay

10 July : Bang Bang Festival Château Le Brossay The Castle le Brossay, situated in the village of Rénac, near Redon (Brittany, Ille et Vilaine) is a wonderfull property, ranked «  Monuments Historiques » whose the owners are the Taittinger ( champagne ) family. For developping these patrimony the family organise a Classic Car Show. This year…
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10 juillet 2022 0

Lorient, Histoires de Forteresses

Article for the April Magazine Lorient, History of Fortress was the appointment of the 23 and 24 February. On Saturday Bernard and Bernadette have prepared 2 visits for the group. – The Museum of the Compagnie des Indes, inside the Citadel, recalls the fantastic history of the big seaborne trade compagnies of the 17 and…
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21 mars 2019 0

Accord Vin & Swing

Article for the May Magazine Appointment at the Moulin Touchais in the vineyard of Anjou for an Accord Vins // Swing. 230 years old these vineyard is one of the most traditional estate which as built his notoriety on the production of the sweet white wine Coteau du Layon. The degustation was escorted by music…
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21 mars 2019 0

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Gallerie modula Gallerie envira Une autre galerie qui a sa propre page ici

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Bienvenu sur le site du club !

Bienvenue sur le site du club Jec Ouest. Bonne visite sur notre nouveau site internet !

14 novembre 2018 0