Mois : août 2020

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For the first time our region has made the organisation of a track day in the Circuit of Lohéac (35) We were 26 crews and 16 cars on the track : 1 E Type + 2 MK2 + 2 XJS + 11 XK8 and XK5 ; For the most of the people it was he first time …
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28 août 2020 0

Pique-nique : Des Vergers au Parfum

Each year in August our region organises a picnic. These year it was in the south of the Nantes’ area In the morning the appointment was on the Lac de Grand Lieu, a Natural , National Reserve. The lake is recovered by a floating herbarium  where live 270 sorts of birds, 30 sorts of fishes…
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18 août 2020 0