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Journée pour ces dames: Le Safran

Each year our region organises an event more specially for our wives. In October we have had an apppointment with Cynfael, The  Safran Prince and the Briau Palace. Cynfael,raise these spice also named Purple Gold, and makes the transformation in about thirty products intended at cooking, healthy, and well-being. The Briau Palace is an important…
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21 octobre 2020 0

sortie welcome 2020

Article for the March Magazine Our first 2020 event was :  Welcome in 2020.  The aim of these event is to to find oneself after the feast of Christmas and the new year. 30 crews, either 54 persons + 4 children, are joined up in Vannes for first, the visit of the fortifications of the town,…
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2 février 2020 0